Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Warhammer Cheese!

Today we have a contribution from our Aussie friends at The Warhammer Shack... its the cheesiest combos in WarHammer! Thanks guys!!!1

*Warhammer Cheese*

Here is our Warhammer fantasy cheesy moves section. If you have any cheesy moves to share with us, then just email us with your name and the cheesy move and we'll put it up on this page.

Luke Good Get a Wood Elf Mage Level 3 or higher, equip him on a steed, give him the Book of Ashur and the Forbidden Rod, also give him the Amber Amulet. Now you have a Mage that can choose any magic spell type in the game and casts them all for free without any penalty. On a 4th level, give him the black amulet for protection.

The Gopher How’s this then, all of those suck - a vermin lord in a unit w/ the battle standard, 5 ranks deep, st, mus, chm, general, general has ruby chalice, skavenbrew, warpstone charm, oh and a lvl4 grey seer, the vermin lord starts w/ 8 attacks, doubled attacks and movement from the skavenbrew, so we now have a vermin lord w/ 16 attacks str8 and an 32" charge range, oh and he does d3 wounds and is a lvl 4 wizard, next, we death frenzy him to give him 32 attacks, and nothing can stop him, he always charges, there is no one thing in the game that can stop him by itself and you can have two of these in a 3000 pt battle.

Vincent Altadonna Here's a good one for ya! Equip the Chaos Dwarf Special Character Astragoth with the "always hits" sword (I think its 75 points) and then cast Flaming Fists (one of the Chaos Dwarf Spells). Now you have a sorceror lord with six attacks that automatically hit and do automatic D3 wounds! In simulated battles I took down every Greater Deamon except Khorne on the first turn!!

Dan I play against someone who plays Empire and always uses 4 hellblasters. The first time I played him, he fired all four at my general, killing him in one turn (over 600 points!). Luckily he had the heart of woe and blew up the guys whole army. Hellblasters are the big cheese.

Jason I have a 3000 point goblin army with 10 pump wagons, 10 level 1 shaman in chariots, 3 giants and a unit of wolf riders (so I can get the pump wagons). This is all led by a goblin general (usually Grom), with the crown of command and the black amulet, who sits in yet another chariot in the middle and hides while giving everyone leadership 10. This probably makes me the cheesiest man alive, but I never lose and I love it!!! Haaahaahaahaha!!!

Andorax The Cheese assortment: The Empire player who takes his full 25% War Machines... and then allies in 25% more Dwarven War Machines (Hellblasters and Organ Guns often).
Snotbog the Great A really cheesy thing to do, but quite effective is field a frenzied savage orc warlord mounted on a boar in a unit of boarboys with a savage orc shaman with hydra sword. That’s a 2+ save, and a possibility of 60 hits in hands to hand combat at S5!

Anonymous One more, I hate when Dwarven players decided that its cool to take their 140 point Lord and turn him into a 700 point, or more, army killer!!! I know its in the rules but "darn it all to heck" these guys and gals are just plain STINKY CHEESE ... does everything always have to be about the "W"!?!? 

Dan K All you need is a Vampire Lord with the Carstein Ring and the Heart of Woe. When he dies, he explodes in a 4" radius, str of 8+, usually 10. Then he comes to life again. Also a frenzied Savage Orc Warlord with either the Hydra Blade or the Blade of Darting Steel and a potion of strength.

Snotbog the Great I play orcs and goblins and I field a lot of night goblins to get the many advantages of fanatics. So it really annoyed me when I played against and empire friend and he fielded a Level 1 wizard with cloak of mists and shadows. That means he can’t inflict damage to me and I can’t inflict damage to him unless it’s magic. He then ran it past all my goblin regiments, releasing my fanatics very prematurely. A lot of fanatics came back at me and it basically wrecked my whole army. Very cheesy but I admit unbelievably effective.